Valentine's Day, "Dinner and Sax" 14.2.24, Hotel Adula, Flims

We were delighted to meet such a talented musician.

 Lillo put on a great show and our guests were delighted with him. 

The atmosphere was pleasant and it was nice to see our guests dancing too. 

Lillo went to a lot of trouble and we appreciate that. 

The communication in advance was also very good and quick, and Lillo was also very flexible and we would be happy to work with him again in the future. 

See you again soon, best regards from the 

Adula team.

End-of-year party, 15.12.2023, WBZ Reinach

Performance with style.
Professional, musically excellent, very pleasant and uncomplicated co-operation.
Mrs O. Fessler

Guzzetta HR GmbH, Basel, 2.12.2023

Lillo Condello, the saxophonist from Sax & More, played at our office inauguration party and provided great background music.
The guests were delighted with his performance.
Lillo's music was the perfect accompaniment for our event and we couldn't have wished for a better musician.
We highly recommend him for any event where you want to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
Thank you Lillo for making our party unforgettable!
Mr. F. Guzzetta

Sabine J., Birthday party, Bottmingenschloss, 15.9.2023

Lillo Condello from Sax&More contributed with his very professional performance to a great atmosphere and an unforgettable evening.
The music during the aperitif and between the courses was to our taste, even without prior consultation. Our guests were also delighted.
We would definitely recommend Sax&More to others.

Christian R., Birthday party, 26.08.23, Grenchen

Lillo accompanied our birthday party during the aperitif for over 2 hours.
Despite the very small room, he understood perfectly how to create a wonderful sound carpet that was always present but never obtrusive.
We were all thrilled by the great saxophone sounds, which contributed to a relaxed atmosphere.
He is a professional who knows perfectly how to adapt his skills to the situation.
Lillo definitely exceeded all our expectations and we would recommend him 100%.

Wedding of Elodie&Sacha, 2.9.2023, Morcote, Lugano

Dear Lillo,We just want to thank you for the performance you did at our wedding at the beginning of September. 

Your music was instrumental in creating a magical atmosphere.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us and helping to make this special day even more extraordinary. 

We loved the choice of music and the elegant delivery was completely in line with our wishes.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to enjoying your music again in the future.

In deep gratitude, Elodie and Sascha

Philipp Hediger, (Galerie Carzaniga)
Birthday Party, 24.7.2023, Basel

"I booked Lillo Condello at very short notice for my 64th birthday. The contact was very friendly and uncomplicated right from the start. 

We hit it off right away and he performed exactly as I wanted him to. 

He was present at the aperitif, but understood how to create exactly the right atmosphere, unobtrusively in the background, but creating a great atmosphere - all the guests were completely thrilled - Sax and more - just GREAT!!!! 

We have certainly not seen each other for the last time...... Merci beaucoup, Lillo!"

Daniela&Kevin Ates, Wedding, 2.7.22, Münchenstein

Wow, what an evening! 

You exceeded our expectations. Our friends, families and we were thrilled with you and your performance. 

With your musical accompaniment and your personality, you contributed greatly to the wonderful atmosphere and we thank you for that.

We will gladly consider you again for future events and recommend you to others.

Best regards
Daniela & Kevin Ates

Feedbacks from "":

Oliver Girardet, Birthsday Party, 13.8.2022

Cugy (Lausanne)

We had the pleasure of hearing Lillo Condello play at our party and his performance exceeded all our expectations. 

Not only was the music played perfectly, but he was able to adapt to the phases of the event and create a memorable atmosphere. 

All of our guests were delighted and complimented us on his performance. 

I can only recommend his services. He is a true professional who I know will be able to satisfy you.

Corinne Rohr, Wedding (Rest. Landenberghaus, Greifensee, ZU)

Mr. Condello played the saxophone at our wedding and it was wonderful how he played outdoors as well as indoors. 

We and the guests were completely enchanted by the music and he made the day just perfect. 

We highly recommend Mr Condello.

Camilla Pedersen, New Year's Diner Gala, 31.12.2021
AMERON Hotel, Zurich Bellerive au Lac.

Mr. Condello was very obliging and friendly. He responded to wishes and enchanted the guests with his music.

We received only positive feedback from our hotel guests as well as from our external guests.

Mr. Condello was already very quick and uncomplicated in the organisation as well as in the communication. 

Especially in these times, such a way of dealing is very much appreciated.
We would book Mr. Condello again as the highlight of the evening at any time.
Thank you!

Noelle Widmann, Wedding, Gstaad, 4.2.2020

We booked Lillo for our wedding and are still absolutely thrilled. 

It was unique!

 Lillo always adapted to the mood and the needs of the guests.

 A true professional who knows how to handle the saxophone. 

We can recommend Sax&More to everyone and would book him again for an event in a heartbeat.

Sandra Parpan, ARGO-HYTOS GmbH, Winterthur, 02.12.2019

Lillo Condello was a perfect fit for our event.

 His music was present but never intrusive. 

All our guests were extremely enthusiastic.
He was also very reliable and uncomplicated in the entire process.
We would definitely recommend him 100% and would gladly book him again.
Many thanks to Lillo for the great performance.

Hubert and Yoli Berchtold, wedding apero on ship,
Rorschach on Lake Constance, 21.09.2019

                               (Sax&More as a Gift from Wedding Testimonials)

Lillo Condello was abosolutely stunning on 14.9.2019 in Rorschach. 

The bridal couple and the wedding guests were thrilled by his performance. Personally, I have always been a fan of tenor sax but now I am sure that Lillo has gained a few more fans with his performance.

 I can only congratulate Lillo on his skills.

Wedding of Caroline&Alex, Elsass 2019
Alex: Fantastic performance for our wedding aperitif.
Too too good! I recommend it! Bravo Lillo Condello

Christine Meyer, 2019

 Excellent saxophonist! Truly an excellent performance lasting more than 2 hours. We loved it.